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MRU OneCard Portal

Click the "Sign In" button below to log in to your MRU OneCard Portal. Once logged in, you can upload or update your photo or add funds to your Flex Dollars account or MRU Eats account, or freeze the use of your OneCard if the card is lost.


You must log in with your MRU email address.

 If you receive an error message saying “Error: app_not_configured_for_user” you are logging in with a non-MRU email address. Log in using youre “” email address and if you continue to receive this message, switch your browser to Private/Incognito mode, which will stop it from automatically logging into a personal email and giving an error.

Is your account inactive?

If you get a message that your account has been locked due to inactivity, let either the OneCard Desk or the staff at the library know to unlock your account. If you are emailing the OneCard Desk to request an unlock, make sure you are emailing from your email address.

Questions? Please send an email to